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exzellenz labor oper

"The Finishing Touch" for Technique, Musical Style and Self Presentation


August 29 – September 8, 2024
Landesmusikakademie Schloss Engers

Under the artistic direction of renowned Mezzo-soprano and voice professor Hedwig Fassbender, this laboratory offers 11 days of undisturbed and highly concentrated work in one of Germany’s most beautiful castles.

exzellenz labor oper was founded as „Exzellenz-Labor Gesang“ in 2014 after an idea of Hedwig Fassbender which she elaborated with Fausto Nardi and René Massis.
From the beginning, „Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland“ has been the non-profit sponsor and organiser of the course.

Internationally acclaimed instructors with rich professional experience help the participants achieve the perfection of musical style, fix technical issues, and offer Audition and Mental Training, Feldenkrais, and Advice on Clothing and Make-up Style. 

The course is carefully tailored to each participant’s needs and focuses on the personal development of each young artist. Mutual respect and open and appreciative communication remain integral to the course format. 


Target Group: 


  • Very advanced students
  • Members of Opera Studios
  • Singers in their first career years 
  • Prize-winners of national and international singing competitions 


  • Pianists who are studying accompanying
  • Members of Opera Studios
  • Collaborative pianists in their first career years

 Course content for singers: 

  • Clarification of the Singer’s Artistic Profile 
  • Appropriate Choice of Roles and and effective Audition Package 
  • Study of Entire Roles and/or Selected Audition Arias 
  • Fine-tuning of Technique and Style 
  • Mental and Performance Training
  • Advice on Clothing and Make-up Style 

Course content for Pianists: 

  • Artistic duty of the pianist, collaboration methods when working with singers 
  • Solidity in Stylistic Skills 
  • Security in Musical Dramaturgy 
  • Effective Simulation of the Orchestra at the Piano 
  • Success and Efficiency in Coaching with Singers 
  • Preparation of Audition-Repertoire
  • Mental and Performance Training 
  • Advice on Clothing and Make-up Style

How we work: 

We start with an individual analysis of your artistic situation and determine the personal curriculum of each participant during the course. Towards the end of the course, an individual meeting with all instructors allows each course participant to have an intensive discussion about further artistic development. Agencies and artistic directors are invited to the public workshop concert in Frankfurt.