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Magdalena Zabanoff

Mental Training

Languages of Instruction: English, German


Magdalena Zabanoff

Magdalena Zabanoff, opera singer and psychologist, specialises in music psychology to adequately support musicians on their way, open up new perspectives, and jointly find solutions that serve a joyful, successful and artistically satisfying handling of the daily professional challenges. In addition to her lecturing and teaching activities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, she works as a musician psychologist in her own practice in Berlin.

She is an authorised teacher of the practice method „Practising in Flow“ and is intensively involved in researching altered states of consciousness in phenomena such as „flow“ and „peak performance.

As a musician psychologist and mental coach, Magdalena Zabanoff supervises the Orchestra Academy of the Staatskapelle Berlin at the Berlin State Opera, singers of the International Opera Studio of the Berlin State Opera, as well as the Orchestra Academy of the Konzerthaus Orchestra at the Konzerthaus Berlin.











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